Ohio Archaeology Workshops

LOUDONVILLE—The Cleo Red Fisher Museum in Loudonville will be hosting a series of free Ohio Archeology workshops in January and February. Led by Jeff Zemrock, of the Ohio Archaeological Society, the workshops will provide an introduction to archaeology in Ohio, primarily focusing on the numerous Native American artifacts readily found throughout the area. The series is structured into four different workshops, each with a different theme that will help amateur archaeologists hone their skills at finding and identifying artifacts.

The series kicks off on Monday, January 13th with an overview of the different artifact types and the general time periods they come from. Guests will gain insight into the different lifestyles and tools of the Paleo, Archaic, Woodland, and Late-Prehistoric time periods.

The workshop on Monday, January 27th will delve into how to identify archaeological sites, with guests learning how to tell the difference between village locations and temporary hunting sites including what artifacts are usually found at each location.

On Monday, February 10th the group will focus on point types—such as arrowheads and knives. Guests will get an up close look at numerous points and learn how they were made and the advantages and disadvantages of different materials.

The series will wrap up on Monday, February 24th with a look at groundstone tools and other primary artifacts. The group will examine axes, celts, gouges, adzes, and slate knives while learning their uses, materials, and how they’re made.

Each workshop is designed so that interested persons can attend just one or all four to better fit their interest and availability—so even if you can’t make one, feel free to attend the rest! Group discussion is encouraged, and if there is enough interest the series may be extended with more workshops and possible field excursions. The series is free and guests do not need to register in advance. The workshops will begin at 7 PM in the meeting hall (use rear entrance) of the Cleo Redd Fisher Museum, which is located at 203 E. Main Street in Loudonville. For more information, visit www.crfmuseum.com or call the office at 419 994-4050.




January 13 – Time Periods & Artifact Types
Discover the different lifestyles and tools of the Paleo, Archaic, Woodland, and Late-Prehistoric time periods.

January 27 – The Site & How To Recognize It
Learn how to tell the difference between hunting sites and village locations, and what you’ll find at them.

February 10 – Point Types
Get a closer look at arrow and knife point types, including how they’re made and from what materials.

February 24 – Groundstone Tools & Slate Artifacts
Explore the many uses of artifacts such as axes, celts, gouges, adzes, and slate knives, and how they’re made.


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