A Day Trip Through Geauga County Amish Country

by Diane Rock, MyOhioFun.com

Nestled in the northeast region of Ohio is the fourth largest Amish community in the world and a great place to enjoy a one day trip.  For the shopaholic, there is plenty of shopping,  markets, Amish-owned businesses, and more.  The area is also home to Punderson State Park and Pioneer Waterland & Dry Fun Park.

If you love stars and planets, Observatory Park, is a wonderful place to star gaze. This 1,100-acre park which is located in the Geauga County Park District, and is considered one of the few regions left in northeast Ohio not affected by light pollution.  The Oberle telescope is open, weather permitting when a naturalist is on duty.

Photo by Andrew Gacom

Another fun fact about the county is that Geauga County is the #1 producer of maple products in the state.  Every year during the months of February and March, the sugar sap from area trees are collected and turned into some of the best maple products. To celebrate, the county goes into a “maple frenzy” with area pancake breakfasts, driving tours, tree tapping events, and the Geauga County Maple Festival.
(For upcoming 2020 maple events click here.)

The oldest county fair in Ohio is the Geauga County Fair.  The fair takes places every year over the Labor Day weekend. For more information about the fair see fair listing.

Now that you know a little more about Geauga County, it’s time to start getting ready for your one-day trip.

Below I have put together a one day trip that includes some of my favorite stops in the county.

Your first stop on this one-day tour is located just outside the county lines of Geauga, but worth the stop.  The End of the Commons General Store  is a real old-fashioned general store that is listed on the Register of Historic Places.

Stop #1
End of the Commons General Store

8719 Ohio 534, Mesopotamia (Trumbull County)
A unique family-owned store offering a wonderful selection of food, bulk and hard to find items.

Now that you have stocked up from the general store, it’s time to head to the cheese factory.

Stop #2
Rothenbuhler Cheese Chalet
15815 Nauvoo Rd., Middlefield
Manufacturser of Award winning Swiss cheese. The retail store offers deli items, various cheeses, and gourmet items.

Another place to get cheese is at the Middlefield Original Cheese Co-op.  They are located at 16942 Kinsman Rd., Middlefield.  If you wanted  you could stop there after you leave stop #4.

Stop # 3
Country Arts & Jewelry
15864 Nauvoo Rd., Middlefield
440.632.5343 | website

If you love jewelry or Native American merchandise, this is your stop. They also have a selection of beads for those who enjoy making jewelry.

Just around the corner from Country Arts & Jewerly is the Craft Cupboard at Settlers’ Village (14275 Old State Rd., Middlefield, OH  44062).  The cupboard offers fabric, yarn, notions, kids projects, and a variety of craft supplies.

I feel I need to warn you about your next stop, the Nauvoo Family Market.  The day I visited they were loading up a van with 100’s of Amish fry pies.  It seems they supply many of the area locations with these delectable pastries.  If you have never had one you should make sure you do.

Stop #4
Nauvoo Family Market

15979 Nauvoo Rd, Middlefield

General market with items such as: bulk foods, fresh bakery items, deli, local cheese, Coleman supplies, hardware, and more.   Make sure you grab a fry pie or one of their donuts that they are known for.

Now that you have stock piled fry pies, donuts, bulk supplies and Amish hats, it’s time to sample some wonderful confection.

Stop #5
Whitehouse Chocolates

14607 Kinsman, Middlefield

The candy shop is family owned and operated. There are plenty of samples available to help make your selection.

Lunch Time – reservations are suggested.

Stop #6
Quintealia’s Tea Parlor
14585 E. Park St. Burton, OH
The tea parlor is located in a beautiful Victorian Mansion that sits on the National Register of historical places. For more information about the tea room click here to see our write up.

If you have time in your schedule, make a stop across the street to the Burton Chamber of Commerce Log Cabin & Sugar Camp.  Here you can purchase Geauga County Maple syrup and see the area where they turn the sap into syrup.

If tea is not your “cup of tea”, then I would suggest Mary Yoder’s Restaurant.  Amish cooking with a buffet available. Mary Yoder’s is located 14743 North State Street, Middlefield, OH.  Very close to stops #2-#4.


With belly full, it’s time to do more shopping!  Our next stop offers a gift shop and farm market. During the various seasons the greenhouse offers everything from bulbs to mums.

Stop #7
Sunrise Farm 
13115 Kinsman Rd., Burton, OH
The farm has a market, gift shop, and greenhouse.  The farm is open year road and offers seasonal merchandise and produce.

Your next stop is at Fowler’s Milling Company.  Here they grind the old-fashioned way, between millstones.  They use locally grown grains.

Stop #8
Fowler’s Milling Company
12500 Fowlers Mill Road, Chardon
440.286.2024 | fowlermill.com
Built in 1834 by Hiram and Milo Fowler. Rick and Billie Erickson bought the property in 1985 and have used an old-world milling process in which grains are ground between two stones.

The selection of products range from pancake mixes, to ground flours, local jams, honey, and more.

Now that you have your pancake, bread, and cake mixes you are going to want to add some fruit and veggies to your table.

Stop #8
Patterson Farm and Bakery

11414 Caves Rd., Chesterland, OH
440.729.1964 | website
Patterson Farm is a 6th Generation family farm market and farm. The farm market is open year round. Samples of various apples are available.

You can’t leave Geauga County with out a little maple syrup.

Stop #9
Richards Maple Products

545 Water St., Chardon OH

If you like maple products or maple syrup, this is your place. Just about everything in the store has some kind of maple, even the maple made dog biscuits.  A great place to stock up on Ohio Maple products.

Time to unwind.

Stop #10
Sharon James Cellars

11303 Kinsman Rd., Newbury
Sarah James Cellars offers a tasting room, wine bar, outdoor patio and a wonderful selection of food.  Reservations are suggested, especially to find out what is on the menu.

I hope you find time in the future to enjoy this one-day trip.  Unfortunately, due to one day trip time restraints, I could not feature all of the other areas of interest that you can shop and explore in the Geauga County.  Our friends at Destination Geauga are always available to assist in planning your one-day, two-day or more tour of the county.






Here are a few additional suggestions should you decide to take this one day trip.

  • Before heading out double check times to make sure they are open.  Amish owned businesses are not open on Sunday.
  • Take a cooler and a camera.
  •  Reservations are suggested for Quintealia’s Tea Room and for Sharon James Winery.
  • Watch out for Amish buggys!
  • Make sure you stop at Destination Geauga in Middlefield for any additional area brochures or tourism advice. You can also request a FREE visitor guide be sent to you before your planned excursion.



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Article and photos by: D. Rock, MyOhioFun.com

Editor’s note:  Part of this story ran in 2019.  We have updated the article for 2020.  Any use of the above article or images without prior permission, will be in violation of copyright laws.