Ohio One Day Trips

Looking for something to do for a day?  Why not take an Ohio One Day Trip?

Morgan County – Full of history and exploration.

Located in Ohio’s Appalachian range is an Ohio county that is made up of a tapestry of both history and natural resources, just waiting to be explored. This vast area of approximately 207,000 square miles includes three state parks and has a past that includes “Old West” gunfights, massacres, the Underground Railroad, a river system that helped shape Ohio, ties to Morgan’s Raid and is home to the largest dragline bucket. When visiting Morgan County, you will find that it has quite a colorful past to share, as well as beautiful sunrises and sunsets with rolling hills that offer spectacular views of the countryside and a fun winding road driving experience. Keep your camera ready.

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The “Un-Wine” Side of Ashtabula County. 

Looking for the perfect weekend getaway or a well-deserved escape?

Tucked away in the farthest northeast corner of Ohio is Ashtabula County. For many, when they think Ashtabula County, visions of large amounts of snow and wineries come to mind. But what many people don’t know, is the “un-wine” part of Ashtabula County; the part that doesn’t include the Grand River Valley which grows more grapes than anywhere else in Ohio.

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Everyone Needs a Little Island Time. 

Beginning in the spring and all through fall,  the population grows on this three mile long island located in Ohio.  Thousands migrate over the summer months to Put-in-Bay to meet up with friends and family, explore, camp, enjoy water sports, the wineries, the food, and the Lake Erie breezes.  Mostly to escape and relax.

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Explore the Charming Square of Medina, Ohio.

If you have never taken a road trip to the picturesque town of Medina, which was originally part of the Connecticut Western Reserve area, then you are truly missing the opportunity to explore one of Ohio’s most charming squares. A definite Norman Rockwell painting. The county courthouse towers over one side of the square and the rest of the square is surrounded by mom and pop shops that offer an afternoon of shopping and exploring.

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A Day Trip Through Geauga County – Amish Country

Nestled in the northeast region of Ohio is the fourth largest Amish community in the world and a great place to enjoy a one day trip.  For the shopaholic, there is plenty of shopping.

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bus2016_1Shopping Around Ohio is Always Fun!

This year our 2016 “Fall in Love with Ohio” bus trip was all about enjoying unique shopping experiences. Our day included trolls, blueberry donuts, a beautiful garden/shop, Amish foods, chocolate, antiques, and Ohio wine.

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bustrip2015_2It’s All About the Food One Day Trip.

Our 2015 “Fall” in Love with Ohio bus trip was all about the food. At every stop all bus buddies received a special food item. Food gifts included: an apple pie, a sleeve of Buckeye chocolates, a bag of Shearer’s potato chips, a bottle of Lehman’s pop, a maple cinnamon roll, a jar of jelly, a bag of cheese, a sampling of apples, and a tasting of Ohio wine.

This is a great trip to take with friends.

If you want to take this one day trip you are going to want to pack a cooler. Every stop offers a selection of food that you can sample and/or buy. You will be traveling through three (3) counties. This trip can be completed in one day.

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