Santa’s magic finds its way to Downtown Medina.

Santa Day 2022

There is a special place located in Downtown Medina Ohio, where the magic of all things Christmas is stored.  It’s also the place where this past Saturday eighty+ Santa helpers from 11 states and Canada, as well as Santa and Mrs. Claus, converged to celebrate and enjoy each other’s company, tell holiday stories, and fill Santa’s bag with new socks and underwear for the Armed Forces.

Santa Day 2022 Castle Noel
Santa Day 2022 Castle Noel | Photo: D. Rock

Where is this magical place?

Castle Noel of course! “America’s Largest Indoor Christmas Entertainment Attraction”.  Mark and Dana Klaus, owners of Castle Noel, through what can only be called a labor of love, have been gathering Christmas movie memorabilia and props, saving NYC holiday windows from a horrible fate, all while creating a magical place that both young and old leave with the spirit of Christmas in their hearts.  The perfect place to host such a special gathering of Santa’s helpers.

Santa Day 2022 Castle Noel

The brainchild of Dana Klaus, Santa Day is just one of the many activities that take place throughout the year at Castle Noel. This year’s Santa Day festivities included a Santa Parade around the Historic Square of Medina, followed by lunch and a tour of Castle Noel.  Little ones who attended the festivities were invited to take an “Elf Pledge”, listen to holiday stories, try a fun science experiment, enjoy a cookie decorating station and much more.

The day was filled with so many Santa smiles and HO, HO, HO’s.

Save the date. Santa Day 2023:  May 20, 2023

Santa Day 2022
Santa Day 2022 Castle Noel

More about Castle Noel

The first time I ever toured Castle Noel, I found myself totally mesmerized by the artistic genius of Mark Klaus, a nationally renowned artist and sculptor (Oh, and by the way Klaus is his real name). You can tell his brain never stops thinking and creating. Every room is just as magical as the last. No matter how many times you tour Castle Noel, you will find something new.

Castle Noel
“Elf” Costume – Castle Noel

To date Mark and Dana have a massed quite a collection of holiday movie props and costumes; from blockbusters like “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, “Elf”, “Santa Claus the Movie”. “The Grinch”, “Jingle All the Way”, and more.

Castle Noel
Castle Noel

And if that wasn’t enough, for the past few years, Mark, Dana and their helpers head to New York City after the holiday season is over to acquire the beautiful seasonal windows from stores like Bloomingdales and Sax Fifth Avenue. Prior to Mark, these windows would just be destroyed. Can you imagine? For many the opportunity to see these windows in NYC would never happen, but at Castle Noel it becomes a possibility.

Castle Noel
“The Land of a Thousand Delights” Window Display – Castle Noel

Other highlights of the museum include squeezing through Santa’s Chimney, a 25’ tall, animated Christmas tree, the “Wall of Fame”, a “Blizzard Vortex”, the ” I had that Toyland Experience”, childhood toys from the 50’s to the 80’s, Cindy-Lou’s Whoville bedroom set, and of course my favorite the original Cousin Eddie RV from “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”.

Cousin Eddie's Trailer - Castle Noel
Cousin Eddie’s Trailer – Castle Noel

During your tour you will also have the opportunity to walk through what I like to call the “Treasure Room, aka Mark Klaus’s stash”.  Pieces and parts of window displays that have yet to be rebuilt. It’s like walking through Santa’s workshop; one of my favorite rooms on the tour.

Castle Noel
Castle Noel

And if all this was not enough reason to visit, how about an opportunity to slide down the red “Christmas Story” slide or play a game of Alien putt-putt golf? HO! HO! HO!

Castle Noel slide
Castle Noel slide

No matter what the season, a visit to Castle Noel is sure to delight the inner child in everyone. A must stop; if visiting Medina. Allow at least 2-3 hours to enjoy the entire museum and the gift shop.  Free parking is available on-site as well as in nearby public parking areas. Restaurants are also located around the square.

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Medina County Convention & Visitors Bureau

Castle Noel

Castle Noel Castle Noel is located at 260 S. Court St., Medina 44256.

Admission is $24.50 for adults, 12 & under $19.50. (2022)
Group tours $23.50 (30+ people) Reservations are required for groups.
Private tours are also available.

For museum hours and more information, call 330-721- NOEL (6635) or visit castlenoel.com.


Article and photos, unless noted by: D. Rock, MyOhioFun.com

“In an effort to make sure my pony wish made it to Santa, I dressed-up as Mrs. Claus and infiltrated Santa Day at Castle Noel. One problem. I couldn’t tell who was the real Santa. But, I did almost escape with Mr. Jingeling’s keys!  I just couldn’t get Cousin Eddie’s trailer started.  (The shitter must of been full.) “


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