I Pledge to Travel Ohio.

Today I finally broke down and cried. Not a whimper, not a quick cry and a wipe away the tears, I cried. Really, really cried. Sobbed. I always thought I was a strong. I could handle anything thrown at me. But this. This monster has finally found the part of me that is the weakest. It has stripped me of all things that seem normal to me. It is forcing me to look in its eye as it destroys my neighbors, my friends, and local businesses. People’s livelihood. Watch as it takes all that we have cherished in our lives and set flames upon it.

I do not care where it came from. I do not care who is responsible. I care only about all the lives it has touched and continues to destroy as it rides the jet stream around the world.

“I remember when.”  Those famous words our grandparents and parents would share with us. “I remember when I walked three miles to the school every day in five feet of snow, ate dinner on tv trays in front of a black and white tv and enjoyed pollution free air.”  “I remember where I was during 911.”

What will we remember of this? This moment in time. This chapter in our lives. How will this define each and everyone of us. All over the news we see heroes. Those individuals who have been able to dig down and pull from deep within to take this beast on. The heroes that find a way to make sure medical attention is given, food gets on everyone’s tables, seniors are cared for, emergencies answered, hospitals stay up and running, masks get made, deliveries are done and so much more.

How can you be a hero?


I can not even begin to tell you how much tourism affects Ohio’s economy.  How many fellow Ohioans it supports.  Puts food on their tables. Pays for college. Pays for a car or utilities.  Each dollar spent in Ohio travels through each city and county.  Without visitors, many of our museums, attractions, theaters, restaurants, wineries, breweries and local shops would close.

I hope you will join me and make a pledge to visit an Ohio attraction this year. Take a trip to the Islands, relax with a glass of wine at a winery, enjoy a canoe ride, visit a museum, take a drive through Ohio’s Amish country or spend a day shopping Ohio’s many main streets.  We all need a getaway.  Why not spend it in Ohio?  Let’s all help make a difference. Let’s all be tourism heroes.

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Today I make this pledge to my state and to all my fellow tourism partners:

I promise that I will soon travel your roads, stop at your museums, browse your shops, eat at your restaurants, drink your wine, stay overnight in your area hotels, and enjoy all your area has to offer. I promise to do whatever it takes to help bring Ohio’s tourism back.

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Article and photos by: D. Rock, MyOhioFun.com
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